Special Holiday Moments with Granduca’s Staff

December 24, 2012  |  Holidays

Granduca’s wonderful and international staff spent a few moments sharing how they celebrate the holidays and their special family traditions. We would love to hear how you celebrate the Holidays with your families. Please share in the comments box at the bottom of the page. Happy Holidays!

Every day in December is so exciting. I wish it could be Dec. 1st through the 15th the entire month. Christmas Eve is my favorite time. It is so calm and peaceful. Everything is done, and if it is not done, it’s not going to be done. As a child my family would put up the handmade ceramic nativity early in December; each Christmas Eve after dinner and midnight mass we took turns placing the baby Jesus at the nativity. It is the simple things that matter most at the holidays; a cup of tea shared with a good friend remains a cherished memory.

– Mary Grace Gray, General Manager

After work is my children’s time and during most of the year its filled with football practice, swimming, etc. but through the holidays they decide how they want to spend this time together with me. It is our tradition to open a gift on Christmas Eve and cook soul food listening to my favorite childhood holiday songs. Christmas and Thanksgiving are my favorite times of the year as I think of my childhood growing up in Chicago.

– Nakia Holmes, Executive Assistant

My mom’s family is from Louisiana so we have Gumbo on Christmas Eve. I love all the lights and pretty stuff.”

–Heather Hickman, Sales Manager

My kids are my world. My boys are 9 and 10 years old. They know I work long hours, but the most important thing for me is to give them a kiss when I come home. Love from my kids is the most important thing to me. We celebrate 2 Christmases with our Ethiopian holidays with dorowet. Dorowet is traditionally very spicy and perhaps the best known food from Ethiopia. It’s often referred to as the country’s national dish.”

– Fekade Wolde, Director of Food & Beverage

Christmas Eve is my baby boy’s birthday so I cook chicken and Korean bbq for him. My baby boy is actually my dog Yanni, who is a Maltese.”

– Grace Kim, Human Resources Manager

“On Christmas Day we prepare lots of food. I learned from my Mom in China that from Christmas until New Year’s no one works, we just enjoy our time. We cook Peking duck, chicken, spring rolls – enough food for twenty people when there are only four of us. We also follow the Asian calendar.”

– Jeremie Heng, Maitre D’, Bar and Wine Manager

“I have two kids that are adopted from Russia. Christmas morning is extra special to watch them run down to see what Santa brought them.”

– Jane Whatley, Executive Assistant to Mr. Borlenghi

“I leave my Charlie Brown Christmas tree all year long. It’s Christmas all year at my house as the person who gave it to me is very special.”

– Ray Guyton, Director of Sales & Marketing

“A good feeling black and white movie. A roasted chicken with chestnuts, nice selection of cheese and wine of course…and end it all with a buche de Noel or “Christmas log”.

– Christine Bayol, Director of Operations

“My family is all back in Italy. I still decorate my house and go buy my Panettone and all the typical Italian Christmas desserts. My nativity set is important to me. As a child our nativity set was huge. We would build mountains out of cardboard and use fresh moss. On Christmas Day we would put the baby Jesus in its place. Then after Christmas we would start to move the three kings closer to the nativity every day.”

–Renato de Pirro, Executive Chef

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