5 Big Steps in Planning Your Houston Wedding

January 21, 2013  |  Weddings  |  No Comments

You’re deep in engagement bliss when you suddenly realize what comes next…you’re wedding day. It may seem like a faraway dream, but once that date is set the clock is ticking. At Hotel Granduca, we love weddings! Here are 5 of the most important pieces to planning your Houston wedding.

Step 1: Smile.

This may be the simplest step but it will be the most important. Enjoy each moment of the wedding process. There will be stress and anxiety, but you’re planning a day to commemorate your love for one another. The truth is you have a choice, even in the most stressful of situations, so smile your way through it and it will be much more fun.

Step 2: Find the location.

Houston is a vast and dynamic city. Houston wedding venues cover the spectrum on style, capacity, features and price. Find the venue that offers you all that you need and desire for this day. Whether it is a formal gala or a more intimate affair surrounded by lavish décor, you will find the space to tell your wedding story. At Hotel Granduca, we offer Old World elegance for the new American bride with our refined surroundings including Salone Rialto, a stunning wedding reception venue in Houston. Salone Rialto is a 1,500 square foot ballroom with stunning hand painted ceilings that is names after the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy.


Or if you would prefer an outside wedding venue, Hotel Granduca offers exquisite wedding ceremonies in the tranquil gardens surround the sparkling blue pool.

Step 3: Get Professional Help

As the bride, you will find that you are quickly overwhelmed by the immensity of planning the wedding of your dreams. With a little help from a professional planner, your anxiety will be quickly relieved, as you gain an understanding of the special role of the planner. The planner will help you from start to finish, whether it’s hiring a band, planning the menu, orchestrating your bridesmaids, etc. Hotel Granduca’s wedding professional understands the needs of a Houston bride who wants a truly elegant affair. Each detail will be discussed and planned to perfection.

Step 4: Find Your Dress

Hotel Granduca is just minutes away from upscale, shopping galore. Whether you are looking for a small bridal salon, or you want the finest in bridal couture, you will find it in Houston. Experience fine bridal couture at Casa de Novia Bridal Couture or Joan Pillow Bridal Salon. These are just a couple of the endless bridal salons and boutiques in Downtown Houston. You are certain to find the dress that will express your personality and fulfill that dream of your dress.

Step 5: Breathe… Ok, there are many more steps than 5 but these are the main steps to start the wedding planning process. It is going to be a crazy time for you and your husband-to-be, so take deep breaths and remember that you are planning this as a celebration of your love. Imagine your wedding day and feel the love of your family and friends embracing you and your husband. Then return to the planning process renewed and ready to tackle each challenge.

If you would like to chat with our wedding professionals at Hotel Granduca, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 713-418-1036.